David v/s Goliath — Finale

‘We’re gonna have to see how Storm’s gonna protect his right ribs. Hedge is clearly tired out with not much of anything left. Hedge’s gonna try and knock him out this round.’ Webb marked

Hedge doesn’t move at all. Storm stays still. The bell rings…

Storm’s taking delicate moves toward Hedge protecting his ribs. Slams a couple of left jabs at his bleeding nose and a left hook. Hedge’s wearied out completely. But manages to come up hard at him with a couple of combinations. With a right hook and right cross. But Storm sensed his component evading the right cross, pushing him to the ropes. Storm is a short man in stature compared to the gigantic Hedge.

‘Just now the news came in. Storm used to be southpaw at the onset of his career. Left-Handed. But Ryder persuaded him to fight in orthodox style. This might just be it.’ Marks John on the air.

Storm grins at Hedge changing his usual stance. He attacks with his left hand turning him into a southpaw fighter. He’d been protecting his ribs from the onslaught.

‘Yeah, keep it going Storm.’ Yells Ryder.

‘Yeah, Storm blow him away.’ Yawps Irene.

‘This is pure muscle, Webb. Storm is like a whole new fighter with his change of stance. He’s moving smooth.’

Storm crunches on Hedge with his wit and accuracy. Hedge doesn’t have slightest of things to move. He keeps taking severe punishment.

‘This fight is beyond David v/s Goliath. From this forth onwards, it’s gonna be Storm v/s Hedge.’ Airs Webb.

‘Storm seems to connect every punch.’ Said John.

Storm lands punch after punch. Hedge finally pulls out a raging right hook from nowhere. Hedge advances with left jab but Storm blocks him, leaving the right ribs unguarded. Hedge senses an opportunity goes for his right ribs. Despite that Hedge pulls out a similar one once again. For the third time, Hedge unleashes a right hook looking to spin Storm’s head off, but Storm ducks under sending a huge left uppercut at his chin. Hedge falls on the ropes and hits the canvas.

‘Oh my God. Hedge goes down. We’ve never witnessed this one before. Look at the crowd, they are on their feet cheering for the rookie Storm.’

‘Storm is pumped. Look at him.’

‘That’s it, Ed. Give him some more. ‘Yells Irene.

Storm shrieks in anguish and pain. Unleashing everything he has got. Storm flexes his biceps and Ryder is thrilled and shocked. Irene cheers for him more than anybody and flies him a kiss. Hedge’s on his feet once again.

‘Are you okay?’ asks ref. Hedge nods.

Storm rides at him once again, with raging jabs, hooks, and countering with crosses.

‘I’d be guessing Storm is using everything he’s got in his tank. Hedge’s face had blown red. He ain’t blocking them too, he stands there inviting him….and the bell saves Hedge.’ Said John. Hedge throws a couple of slow jabs but Storm uses to his advantage beating him to the pulp.

The chants of ‘Storm! Storm!’ overtaking Hedge’s. Storm had proved what he was and what’s he gonna be.

‘He’s tired, just go after him. Don’t put your guard down. If you wanna win the fight, you gotta knock him out, understand?’ Ryder Said.

‘Final round’s underway, are we gonna witness history? Just 2 min to decide the world heavyweight champion.’ Webb yawped.

Storm attacks him with not much time left. He uses his southpaw stance to the full extent and his swift shots in landing brutal blows. Hedge has no answers to his speed. Storm holds him up and against his back with his right arm and grills through his midriff. Storm pushes Hedge against the ropes. Hedge throws his hands, but it was futile. Hedge tries to getaway from him, but Storm pushes him to the corner and comes with a raging left hook to his chin sending Hedge defying gravity and landing on the turf.

‘Hedge’s down again.’ John said.

Ryder gestures him to stay down, Storm looks at him and nods. Hedge’s completely out of shape. He stands up and faces Storm’s tunes once again. Storm pounces on him like a wounded lion beating him to the dust. Everything seems to land on Hedge’s face and body. He’s stuck at the corner once again, and Storm seizes the opportunity with a couple of rights and left uppercut to kiss the canvas.

‘This might just be the game, Webb. This might just be. The clock’s ticking and Hedge has to stand to defend his championship.’

Referee and crowd began the chant of counting numbers…8…7…6…5…4…3…

‘Hedge’s on his feet. He’s up and time’s out.’ howls Webb.

Storm falls on his knees. As the crowd surge with chants of Storm. He holds his head in his arms as his crew run toward him. They pick him up and Irene joins them too. Storm knows he’s lost the game. But this was his game. His loss, his chance, his crowd, his game.

‘You did it….You did it. Ed.’ She held his swollen head in her arms.

‘I don’t think so.’ he mumbles slowly. She kisses him softly on the lips.

‘How…How did…How did you land up here?’ he asked.

‘Well, I kissed a security guard on the way.’ She laughs. She kisses him again. He hugs her. She’s moved by his wounds, as tears start flooding down her red pink cheeks. Couple of them land on Storm’s shoulder. He frees her and holds her face in his bloody gloves.

‘Its okay, babe. It’s over. I’m a’ight. Just a bruised eye, that’s it.’ He said. She slaps his arm. He winces.

‘Did that hurt? I’m sorry. Really sorry.’ She said holding her hands against his face.

‘Nah, its okay. I was kidding.’ He hugs her again.

There’s a mini mob up on the canvas.

Ryder’s standing on the corner crossing his arms removing his black beanie. He subtly smiles at him.

‘Come on, up here.’ Storm yells and signals with his padded gloves. Ryder makes his way through the mob standing onto his right. Storm takes solace on Irene to his left with his mighty arms over her slender shoulder.

‘We’ll have to go for judges card here.’ Announces the Announcer standing in the centre of the ring. The crowd’s going bonkers with ‘Edwin Storm. Hedge moves across to the announcer and grabs the mic from him.

‘Heya, guys. Hell of a match isn’t it? This guy Storm is really a storm. Come here, kid.’ Prompted Hedge. ‘I haven’t really gotten this kind of fight in my entire career and I think I can’t have one. He’s a force to reckon.’ He grabs Storm’s arm and raises it. ‘Cheer for Edwin Storm.’ He bellows.

‘This is my real victory, Hedge. Real victory.’ Storm said.

‘And there’s another thing I want to let you know. I’m gonna retire. I’ve always thought of it but I needed a perfect fight who could come face to face with me. I’ve finally found one. My time’s up. Everyone’s time’s gotta go. Even the Legendary Charles Ryder. It’s been my privilege to share the ring Charles even though you ain’t fighting. I used to look up to him while was a kid, it’s a real honour.’ Ryder smiles and acknowledges. ‘I’ve been seeing my retirement for a while but it’s official now. I’m kind of tired and the fire in me? Well, it’s extinguished I reckon. I’ve no regrets and I thought I’d knock this rookie down and go early but it’d been a real long fight. Thanks to my manager and my crew, thank you crowd, thanks for everything.’ Yawps Hedge and hands back the mic.

The chants of Hedge begin to find rhythm corresponding with Storm.

‘This match had given us a lot of memories, and heart-breaking news at the end. The judges are with the cards and they’ve handed to the announcer.’ Said Webb on the air.

‘I think we should make a move. I’ve won even though I lost. It doesn’t make much of a difference.’ He shakes his hand with Hedge but he pushes his hand and gives him a warm hug. That must’ve pained a bit.

‘Are you sure? You don’t want to hear the judge’s decision?’ Ryder asks him.

‘Um…Not at all. I’d rather wish to eat ham with Irene and you. Let’s make a move before they shut down my favourite restaurant.’ Irene and Ryder share smile.

‘Eduardo and I are hungry too.’ Chips in Edgar. They join them behind.

‘Hedge has won the fight, but Storm has won the night. Adios amigo.’ Airs Webb.

Five of them exit the ring with Storm walking past the crowd, with Irene towards his left and Ryder towards his right. He’s got his life beside him. Storm walks off…walking into a new life. They exit the stadium with chants of ‘Storm! Storm!’ reverberating all around the Grand Stadium.

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